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Romanticon 2013

Romanticon 2013

I’ve recently returned from the best erotic romance conference. Ellora’s Cave has outdone itself again. This is the Not-to-be-missed event for lovers of Erotic Romance. Romanticon is different from other events due to the non-stressful atmosphere. Many romance related conferences present an air of dislike for the ‘non-traditional’ genre of erotic novels.
Not Romanticon.
It was created specifically to embrace this genre and celebrate its uniqueness. Ellora’s Cave does this with flair.
They open the conference with the ‘Bad Girls of Romance’ meet and greet, which features Karaoke for those bold enough to take the mike. Our very own Cait Miller sang a duet with a tall, lean Texan named Jenny. 

Myself, I waited until the place was nearly cleared out and brought home a little country tune, Redneck Woman.
A bit off-key, but I had some sweet eye-candy behind me so no one was listening to me, they were watching him.
Taylor Cole.
This picture wasn’t taken at the Thursday night party, but I was busy working and didn’t take any pictures. Hopefully, Cait can supply us with a few. I know she’s got plenty and quite possibly some incriminating video footage as well. LOL. Not of me of course. I was an ‘Angel’.

Friday and Saturday both started off with a bang with our Alpha Caveman Nick rocking the house with a rousing bout of Zumba. I watched from the registration desk. He moves so fast none of the pictures I took were acceptable to share but it’s obvious he loves his job.

He and two fellow Caveman have gone into the Zumba business in Texas and started a fitness center called, “Fit the Rhythm”. If I lived nearby, I wouldn’t miss a class with hot instructors like Nick, Ace and David. What a yummy way to sweat.

Picture taken at dress rehearsal.

This year brought us a new ‘Host’ for the events. Our eternal Mr. Romance, Rodney Chapman had a co-host that added humor as well as beauty to the events. Meet Diamond Hunter one of the most fascinating people at RCon this year.
As co-host go, these two rocked the house and made the show along with the Cavemen of course.
There was a roster chocked full of awesome workshops. The one on sexual positioning was a rousing hoot. Laughter could be heard all the way to where I was working at the registration desk. Apparently, several blow-up dolls were the victims of whatever situation they could be twisted into. There were some smiling faces coming out of that room when they were done and the expressions on the doll’s faces were priceless. I did get to attend the sexual charades workshop and had a blast. But not only were there fun and exciting workshops, the editors of Ellora’s Cave were taking pitch appointments. Fingers crossed that a certain person named Jenny gets her novel in and accepted before next year’s conference.
The party themes this year were Bollywood and Old Hollywood. 
Costumes from both nights were astounding. The bright colors and flowing silk was abundant on Friday night for Bollywood. And everyone dressed to the nines for Old Hollywood.

 On Saturday night, Ellora’s Cave handed out awards to their authors and employees for different feats throughout the year. 

Cait and I both got awards J Cait got the ‘Farthest Traveler to RCon13’. I got an award for attending all 5 years of the conference along with a host of other attendees. I also got the ‘Cave Slave’ award, which made me cry. I was happy when Ramrod gave me a ‘Cave Slave’ t-shirt. The award was the cherry on top. Apparently, they think I work hard, but honestly, the tasks they give me are a pleasure to do. I love working with EC authors. They are the cream of the crop.
Sunday hosts the Sexporium, which is Ellora’s Cave’s version of the bookfair. The Cavemen perform as well as the belly dancers of Cleveland Dance. I enjoy watching these women because they are not only talented, but they are REAL sized woman. They make me feel as if I could actually belly dance or shimmy up a pole with ease. NOT! But I can dream. LOL.
Another reason I enjoy the Sexporium is it’s open to the public. Readers pour into this event who are there because they love to read Erotic Romance. It’s a fantastic relief to discuss what I write with people who want to hear about my babies. And some of them actually buy them too. What a plus!
Needless to say fun was had by all. My hope for next year is that I see everyone who reads this article there…hint, hint, hint to the Ruby Stormtroopers (ya’ll were missed).
Keep an eye open for the updated site for the conference at ecromanticon.com

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Cris Anson said...

Great recap, Tara. I was sooooo glad when you won the Cave Slave award. You worked your a$$ off so I'm glad you got the recognition, and also delighted that you had some time to kick your heels up! Sorry I missed that Karaoke rendition.

Can't wait until next year! Hey, maybe Canton, Ohio will declare 2014 Sexporium Sunday Ellora's Cave Day!!