Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dual Release (sneak peek)

Cursed MacKinnons series book 5
Releasing March 7th
(Pre-order at Ellora's Cave)

Casually, she let the light flicker over the rest of him. In the warehouse, she’d gotten a decent look at him that had sparked her libido. But now, he was all hers to enjoy. A bit of dirt and dust coated his flesh, adding validity to the cursed theory. Okay. So if he was a man who’d been imprisoned in stone, he had to be in need of a good woman. And what better way to kill time while waiting to find out where they were going and why. Maybe, just maybe, he’d let slip who he really was and what was going on if his guard was down.
And when was a man’s guard down?
She smiled, remembering the advice of her Gran. If’n ya ever want to know the truth from a man, ask him during sex. The blood seeps from the brain to his dick, lowering his mental locks and loosening his lips. If’n that don’t work, get him drunk. She almost laughed out loud at the memory. Now there was a woman with spirit. Cait looked at Donnell and knew what Gran would do if’n she were a younger lass. She’d go for it. A grin split her lips. This was one piece of advice she didn’t mind taking.
Since she didn’t happen to have any liquor handy, sex seemed to be the justifiable method of choice. If she played him just right, he’d drop this act and his real identity would surface. If nothing else, she’d at least have a good time while being bounced around like a couple of balls. Might as well bounce for fun.

Sex was sex, plain and simple, and with a hunk like this one, all she hoped was that he wasn’t gay. It’d be just her luck. Locked in a van with a gorgeous man and she wasn’t his flavor. She slid a little closer and tested the waters. Being confined with him was making her horny. Or was it the fear of possibly dying at the end of this trip making her hormones run rampant with the idea that this might be her last chance at a good tumble? She shrugged. It didn’t matter which. She needed information and was willing to make the sexual sacrifice to get it.