Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November News

Hello!  The past few months have been wonderful, thanks to you. I’ve been busily creating more stories than usual. For the MacKinnon Fans, Aiden’s story, 
Cursed and Crazy, releases this week on Friday the 13th of November. Yeah! Doing the happy dance over that one. It’s not the end for the MacKinnons. Aunt May’s story is coming soon. 
For those who like a short story, 
Wish Upon a Christmas Star, releases on December 18th.  It’s the tale of a career Marine coming home for good to build a civilian life with his new wife. I’m hoping y’all enjoy it. I truly love writing about the wonderful men and women that protect us daily, be it Military, Police, Fireman or Medical personnel. They all deserve our respect and gratitude.
Check out the stories in the Alien anthology. I feel blessed to have been a part of this conglomeration of talented authors. Escape is the novel I submitted and is the first book in what I hope to call the Paoni Warriors series.
Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

                                         Tara Nina

                            Cursed and Crazy

    Available Friday the 13th of Nov!

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place…
Stone by day, man by night, it’s a curse that takes a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of love to conquer.
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   Cursed and Crazy
    Book six in the Cursed MacKinnons series.

Crazy Maisie MacDougall has a ghost for a best friend and a stone statue to protect, until she speaks an ancient verse releasing a kilted hunk.
Aiden MacKinnon awakens to a new world and a woman who claims he’s been cursed for over two hundred years. At first he tries to use sex to loosen her tongue and get the truth, but his tactic fails. She stands firm on her claims.
She isn’t a witch or his enemy. He was cursed.
With an adversary hot on their trail, they backpack across Scotland, headed for the Highlands, hoping to find Castle MacKinnon and any distant member of his clan. A deep friendship and attraction grows into a passionate sexual relationship. Their journey is threatened by a misguided treasure hunter with a mission—find what Maisie protected and take it.
Aiden and Maisie realize that a little bit of crazy mixed with a whole lotta love may just beat a curse.

 Wish Upon A Christmas Star


   Gunnery Sergeant Emmett Dupree has one final mission—get home before Christmas and return to civilian life with his beautiful wife. His family believes he’s missing in Afghanistan. A snowstorm destroys all forms of communication with his hometown in the mountains of Montana. Knowing his wife and family worry about his fate has him scrambling stateside via any means possible.
   When her husband goes missing, Violet tries her best to keep the faith. But the bed is way too big and cold without her man. He’s given twenty years to the Corps. Now it’s time for them to concentrate on building a life and a family in their dream cabin. Sitting on their wraparound porch, she spots a shooting star and makes a wish.

   There’s no snow deep enough to keep this determined Marine from the arms of the woman he left behind.

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