Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BEA 2013: EC's Booth rocked!

Book Expo America was a fantastic event. The Ellora's Cave Booth rocked the entire conference. Each day, different authors signed: Cindy Lee, Cris Anson, Cherise DeLand, Jez Marrow, Velvet, Lynne Silver, Koko Brown, Kate Poole, Desiree Holt and (me) Tara Nina. It was wonderful meeting such talented authors and hearing their insights on the publishing world not to mention what they have in the works for the future. Yummy stuff coming our way.
I even was interviewed alongside Desiree Holt and Cherise DeLand. Desiree was so kind. I was extremely nervous so she held my hand and it made a world of difference for my nerves.
Our Booth had an even Sexier attraction than the Extremely hot authors of Ellora's Cave. Several of the Cavemen attended as well and drew crowds of people while they signed the EC calender.
This year BEA had a phenomenal turn out for their latest event: Power Reader Saturday. Droves of readers got great deals on ticket prices to enter the conference. Free books, complete with author signatures (if you stood in line which everyone did), lots and lots of freebies were given out showing our appreciation for the reason we write THE READERS. I posted about this event several times on twitter and facebook and was excited to see several of my friends dropped by to visit. Jen and Mary from my Jazzercise class came by to see me (or more specifically the Cavemen) but I'm ok with that :)
The Book Obsessed Chicks leader herself gave me a hug and took advantage of the photo op.
 Of course, I'm not in it and the wonderfully funny Jose photo bombed it. LOL. As you can see fun was had by all.
There were so many great and talented people at this event. Jim Carey, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Paula Dean and just too many to name. I did win Mother of the Year with my daughter by getting books signed by two of her favorite authors, Cassandra Claire & Heather Graham. I should have kept them as a bargaining chip to get her room cleaned but alas I failed. I was just too excited to give them to her :)
I look forward to next year!
Tara Nina


Cris Anson said...

Tara, it was wonderful sharing the signing table with you on Friday. You certainly made it a pleasure for me with your bubbly personality.

Of course, the Cavemen were an inspiration in their muscle shirts and blinding smiles.

Hugs to you and them...


You and hot men... But of course, why wouldn't they want to be with a gorgeous talented woman....