Tuesday, April 16, 2013

American's please stand up!

As we know, this world is full of hate. That hate is based off so many reasons: Race, Religion, money, jealousy and outright insanity. It saddens me to think there are no answers to rid this issue of hatred from our lives. But I do believe there is a way to lessen these extremists from acting out with such violence that takes so many innocent lives. An eye for an eye so to speak. Don't waste money on trials. Let law enforcement shoot to kill. End of the problem. It'll make others think twice before striking against innocent people again. They'll sit back and go damn, I'm going to die if I do that. Instead of let them kill at random and get free room and board, health care and an education better than I can afford for my own kids. The criminals have more rights than the hard working, law abiding citizens. It's sickening. Prisons may be over crowded but they don't miss a meal, or their daily medications as so many people in America go without every day because they can't afford it. Yet the animals behind the bars are treated with respect because they have rights. REALLY? They murder, rape and steal and yet they have rights. We can thank the lawyers and the politicians for this one.
Criminals deserve no rights.
Americans need to stand up and protect their own. Pull our military from every country and bring them home. Cut off ALL financial aide outside of our borders. Return that money to its rightful place, America's Recovery. Use it to get the homeless off the street, help support our elderly, rebuild the school system to actually educate our youth (don't me started on No Kid left behind, that led to so many individuals graduating who can't read or write), and help feed the hungry right here.
These third world countries that hate us will learn just how much they depend on the money America's capitalism helps them with when they're cut off. Let them fight amongst themselves. They have for hundreds of years. We're not going to stop it no matter how long we interfere. And if anyone actually believes we've been over in Afghanistan and Iraq to help 'free' those people, you really need to get your head out of the sand. There were no weapons of mass destruction. It's all about control of the oil fields. Its all about money. Peoples lives mean nothing. It's all about who holds the bargaining chip on the oil.
There are ways to live less dependent on oil. There are other avenues to follow but the oil companies here have too much power and refuse to allow those venues to flourish. It's not about what's right. It's all about money and control.
I'm sorry if my rant upsets anyone. It's just that with the recent bombings in Boston it brings to light just how much is wrong that needs to be righted. American's have grown weak and no longer stand united. Oh we will for about a week or so until this horrific event fads then the daily grind returns and nothing is done to prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again.
Patriotism in America is a dying theme. If I had one wish, it would be for America to reunite and become whole again. It doesn't matter who believes in what religion or where a person is originally from or if they're gay or straight. What matters is that we believe in becoming a United States of America again. A united front is what we need. Stop labeling each other as African American, Irish American, Italian American etc... We are all Americans period. If you chose to live in America then you no longer are anything but American. The Pledge of Allegiance should be everyone's oath to this country. One nation under God. God is an ambiguous word. It stands for any God you so believe in. Being an American gives you that right to believe in anything.
I believe we can pull together and save America. I believe we can be United and strong.
Let's all pray for those who were killed and injured while simply enjoying a day meant to be fun in Boston. Let's all pray for a timely end to terrorism for no one reaps any benefit from it.
Tara Nina

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Lynn LaFleur said...

Tara, I understand your anger for I feel it too. So much destruction and pain in Boston for no reason other than some idiot decided it would be cool to set off some bombs.

I wish our country would concentrate on alternative energy instead of kowtowing to the oil companies. The sun is available every day. Why can't solar panels be put in every building, every house, every car? After the initial cost of installation, the power would be available for free.

It hurts my heart to think of the people in Boston who are suffering simply because they wanted to honor a long tradition and watch or participate in the Boston Marathon. Let's find the idiot (or idiots) who did this and blow them up too.