Monday, August 6, 2007

Ellora's Cave Road Trip in PA.

Good Morning All,
Thanks for visiting me here.
I have so much to share with ya'll about our trip through the beautiful state of Pennsylvannia.
First off....Brenda and John are the best. But no matter how hard Brenda tried she could not control that EC author Ann Wesley Hardin. What a troublemaker that one is!!
Did ya'll hear what I heard about her?
Well if not.... I heard she swallows and is a real good time (or was that likes a good time) oh well either way she's easy.
And even better... Jennifer Dunne sleeps around but can't remember who with... in some cases that could be good (whew, glad she doesn't remember me).
Liddy Midnight is such a Biiotch..Can you believe she sent one of the store managers out for a special latte/half caf with a splash of pineapple. Geesh, all I got was a bottle of water. Guess when ya live with cats their superior than the average human attitudes rub off on ya especially since I heard she's not let out much by her handlers.LOL.
Judy Mays is a dirty stay out, keeps to herself but likes to watch (let me tell you, I don't think she was talking about TV either unless it was one of those special movies from the back room at the video store)-OH MY!
Cris Anson plays with herself and likes things that hang...guess you have to read her stuff to understand that one...geesh what's an innocent girl like me to do.

The gauntlet has been laid...Let the blog war begin....HAHAHA
Tara Nina (who before this trip was innocent and unspoiled)


anny cook said...

Heh. I can see that I should have gone to Lancaster instead!

Jennifer Dunne said...

Oh, you're not so innocent. After all, you're the one who was Doing It with My Book, after all! Gettin' so hot, you were settin' off alarms, you were.

(Although, that cover hero sure is pettable... that long, wet hair... rowr!)

No, for the REAL scoop on the weekend, and why Liddy's got to move on Halloween, see *my* blog, at

Renee' said...

HA! You innocent? I have pictures remember. And the line "how low will she go" comes to mind. The EC Caveman on the bus has lipstick stains on his ummm... YEAH!

And as for Liddy's cleavage oontest,you win hands down!

You were all such a fun bunch! Almost as exciting as the books you write.

Feel free to look me up for a endorphine inducing chocolate sugar rush! Lick your fingers and get back to writing. We all love your stuff!

Thank you, thank you.

Liddy Midnight said...

Oh, Tara! Remember the incident in the bar in Houston at RT? Innocent, my ass.

As for my drink order, that was Ann putting words in my mouth. I wanted plain water, and that's what I got. (The crust of bread was for you. :snicker:)

And just what were you trying to sneak out of the store in the Berkshire Mall? We should have been playing I Spy with your baggage. Take that any way you wish. LMAO

Hugs to all but that liar Ann,